As a rule, we don’t listen to our body and go to the hospital only when emergency strikes. However, you’d better not play jokes with your health and monitor the signals your body sends. Thyroid gland is an extremely important organ that can tell a lot about your organ functioning.Your thyroid gland will work good if you use these simple tips in your daily life!

It’s responsible for thyroid hormone, regulates the body’s energy consumption and has an impact on every single cell, tissue and organ. Undetected thyroid disease can lead to serious consequences for many human body organs and functions, including liver, intestines, reproductive system, heart and even brain. Thyroid is located in the neck area and is shaped like a butterfly.

Thyroid Gland Signs

1: Depression or Melancholy

Over- or under active thyroid can affect your mood. In particular, its shortage can reduce the levels of “happy hormone” serotonin making you feel unusually sad and frustrated. Too much Thyroid Gland signs can result in anxiety, unrest and irritation.

 2: Constipation

If you suffer from this Thyroid Gland signs and can’t get rid of it, it is likely to be due to a disruption in thyroid hormone production. This is one of the three most common symptoms of hypothyroidism.

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