End Stage Ankle Arthritis Treatment And Total Ankle Replacement.This “end stage” arthritis results in pain, combined with loss of function and mobility – severely limiting normal activity. When this end stage is reached and non-operative options (such as medication, injections, and bracing) have been exhausted, patients are presented with three methods of surgical ankle arthritis treatment:fusion (also known as arthrodesis), total ankle replacement (TAR) and, in some cases, distraction arthroplasty.

Treatment options for end-stage arthritis of the ankle: This procedure continues to be helpful to patients as a means of pain relief. However, there are concerns regarding arthrodesis procedures. Because an ankle fusion results in loss of motion, the joints surrounding the ankle flex and extend to compensate. While this allows most fusion patients to walk without a limp, the primary concern is that these adjacent joints run the risk of becoming arthritic themselves.

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