5 Bad Habits to Drop for Better Arthritis pain Management:

Whether it’s dull, sharp, burning or a pressure that could only be described as having a boa constrictor squeezing one of your joints, chronic arthritis pain management is all too common.5 Bad Habits to Drop for Better Arthritis pain Management are:

Adjusting to Life With RA:It’s easy to fall prey to bad health habits, especially when you’re busy with work and family demands. And you feel so tired at the end of most days that all you want to do is grab a fast-food meal, sit on the couch, and veg out.

Smoking:Quitting smoking can go a long way toward rheumatoid arthritis prevention. If you’re at risk for developing RA, you don’t want to light up, and if you’re already smoking, you want to quit. This goes double if you already have RA.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol:Drinking too much is not good for anyone’s health, Dr. Friedman says. That’s especially true for people who are on medications to reduce the joint pain and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis and to slow its progression. The problem is that alcohol taxes your liver, and so can RA medications, including methotrexate, “so heavy drinking can be a double whammy,” Friedman says.

Arthritis pain Management:

Overeating:Carrying around extra weight stresses your joints, which may already be aching from your rheumatoid arthritis. Being overweight also increases the risk for developing rheumatoid arthritis to begin with.

Being Short on Sleep:Sleep is another must-have for health, but we often shortchange ourselves, especially when a work deadline is looming or you’re scrambling to meet your kids’ needs. When you have RA, sleep becomes even more vital.source


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