Bipolar Disorder Mania:

Increased energy, activity and restlessness. Extreme irritability. Racing thoughts.These are some of the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder mania, the “high” side of bipolar disorder. But just because bipolar’s “low” can take the form of depression, doesn’t mean mania is simply the opposite. It doesn’t just mean “really happy” — and unless you’ve lived it, it’s hard to understand what it’s like.So, we asked members of our Mighty community who live with bipolar disorder to describe what it’s really like to experience bipolar disorder mania.

Here’s what they had to say:

1.A tornado. I’m whirling so fast I don’t realize what’s happened until it’s too late.” — Loretta Woods

2. “Bipolar Disorder Mania is the most intense experience. Everything is sped up. I walk fast, talk fast and don’t make much sense because the thoughts are racing through my brain so fast I can’t keep track of them. I can’t stop walking, talking, thinking, fidgeting.

3. “It’s like I’m looking at myself from the outside seeing myself lose control, Bipolar Disorder Mania but I’m not able to stop it. I know when I’m manic but can’t stop myself from being self-destructive.” — Laura Blair

4. “The analogy I usually give is that I’m driving a car but the gas pedal is stuck to the floor, and other people keep trying to grab at the steering wheel.” — Kitt Collins

5. “It’s a dangerous bit of happiness.” — Sarah Dismuke Garcia

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