Bipolar Disorder:

Treatment:To achieve wellness, it is essential that people receive treatment for a co-occurring anxiety disorder and bipolar. Treatment for both, however, is more complex than treatment for one.Carefully consider all treatment options with your doctor or mental health provider: medication,Bipolar Disorder therapy, or a combination. With proper treatment, anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder can be overcome.

Medications:When treating a co-occurring anxiety and bipolar with medication, most doctors first prescribe a mood stabilizer to address the bipolar.Starting an antidepressant (a common medication approach for anxiety disorders) before mood stabilization is achieved may worsen the bipolar disorder symptoms. However, an antidepressant can trigger manic episodes, even while taking a mood stabilizer.For this reason, doctors sometimes avoid prescribing antidepressants or prescribe them at a low dose for patients with co-occurring disorders, and they monitor carefully any patients who are taking a mood stabilizer and an antidepressant.Because benzodiazepines (a class of drugs often used to treat anxiety disorders) do not appear to have negative effects on bipolar, they may be used for anxiety in patients with co-occurring bipolar.

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