Cerebral Palsy Brain

Walking through a crowded square on crutches, I recognize nobody in the sea of faces. I don’t know them, but I’d be willing to bet that the majority are relatively clueless about the finer points of Brain Injury for Cerebral Palsy. But I’m not really a gambling girl. I deal in reality, not misconceptions. There are a few things I know for sure about my condition. I think it’s  time to set the record straight.

1. I’m not sick.

My disability is Causes for Cerebral Palsy Brain injury I sustained at birth. It has nothing to do with an infectious disease. It’s not contagious in the slightest. I might not be able to run around with you, but you don’t have to run away from me. Come a little closer and get to know me better. I promise I don’t bite.

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