Anyone who loves a child with autism or sensory special needs knows that “conventional” is not often a word we use to describe them. Some of the popular toys and games are simply too loud, too distracting, too bright, and just too much for our kiddos to handle. If you’re shopping for kids or teens with these kind of special needs this Christmas, I hope you’ll find this list helpful! They are products we’ve personally used (or would like to!) in our own family.

Toys for Kids and Teens with Autism

Games are an amazing way to not only have fun, but to help kids and teens with Autism focus, learn and communicate better. Here are 5 great gift options you can give to help make their holidays a bit merrier!

Reverse Charades

Reverse Charades is a team version of the classic charades game. Each team is given 60 seconds to act out as many words as one person can guess. This set includes 720 humorous words for hours of fun. Great for kids who need a team to work with as they explore pretend play and nonverbal cues. Current Amazon price is only $9.99, so it’s affordable!

The Blunders Game

Have fun teaching positive social skills with the Blunders Game. Children 5 and up will learn about honesty, responsibility, table manners, school etiquette, telephone manners, respectfulness, kindness, how to give confident introductions and how a party guest and host should act. Children learn these skills and more as they help Bobby, Brenda, Billy, and Becky Blunder improve their manners and navigate different social situations.

The Fidget Set

We think this set is pretty great! It has a little bit of everything for sensory stimulation and calming fidgets. Squish, squeeze, shape, and mold your way to better concentration and appropriate textural stimulation and play.

For Homeschool

Concentrating on schoolwork can have additional challenges that come with autism and sensory special needs.  Here are some things we’ve found that help! Chewable Pencil ToppersMy daughter will chew and eat the erasers off pencils.  These are a safe alternative for her!

Weighted Lap Pad

These help restless kids sit still while listening read-alouds or other schoolwork.  This type of counter-pressure also helps my daughter when she’s having a bad day and just needs some comfort of deep muscle pressure.


Nighttime can be a nightmare, that’s why there are some great products that help promote falling asleep.  Let your little ones rest easy with these gifts designed to help promote a calm atmosphere and a good night’s rest.  Lil Sis absolutely requires white noise and a nightlight (well, several different nightlights) to be able to sleep.

Stocking Stuffers

These are some fun, smaller items that would make great stocking stuffers.  We have variants of all of these.  Her neurotypical sisters enjoy these fun diversions, too.


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