Early Fibromyalgia Symptoms Women are far more likely than men to get fibromyalgia causes pain and tender points throughout the body. Between 80 and 90 percent of people who are diagnosed with this condition are women, according to the National Institutes of Health. The reason for this gender inequality may have to do with hormones, immune system differences, or genes.

Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia causes a very specific kind of pain. Women often describe it as a dull ache that starts in the muscles. To be diagnosed with fibromyalgia, the pain must be on both sides of your body. And, it must affect both the upper and lower parts of your body. Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment tries to ease some of your symptoms and improve quality of life, but there’s currently no cure.You may need to try a variety of treatments to find a combination that suits you.

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