Endometriosis Pain Relief

Women with Endometriosis Pain Relief commonly experience very painful periods and painful s.. which can lead to infertility – but there’s a long and worrying delay in diagnosis.Endometriosis Pain Relief is common and debilitating. Deposits of tissue resembling the lining of the womb are left in places they would not normally occur. The ovaries, tubes and walls of the pelvis are common targets. The bladder and bowel can be affected and, on rare occasions, far-flung body parts such as the liver can be involved. With every period the deposits bleed, setting off a vicious cycle of inflammation and scarring.

The daily effects of living with chronic illness, including managing pain and associated fatigue, extend to all areas of women’s lives. Depression and anxiety are very common. The impact on relationships and s.., plans for a family, and career and productivity, can be immense. To add further difficulty, many will have a long and difficult journey towards diagnosis and proper management, with multiple attendances at their GP and A&E.

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