Here’s a list of uncommon Epilepsy seizure triggers you may have experienced or know about. Feel free to add to this list of the weird and the unknown…

Atmospheric Conditions:Changes in air pressure or any sudden action, (like arising from a prone position too quickly), can act as an instant stressor. Like taking off or landing in an airplane…going up or down on a fast elevator or escalator

Barometric Pressure:Weather differences such as sudden changes in temperature, dark skies, thunder, or bright, hot sunlight and humidity may be a definite trigger for some.

Body Toxins:Exposure to toxins in our air, water or food, can cause for Epilepsy everything from vomiting, diarrhea, liver or renal failure, blood sugar levels, and electrolyte imbalances. Constipation can be added to the list also. When these things happen, all the toxins already in our system build up. It also might be a side-effect of your drugs or it may cause the effectiveness of your medications for Seizure, but ether way, you are at Epilepsy for risk facor.

Boredom:You always thought you could be “bored to death” but it can also incite a epilepsy for seizure. By being isolated, having no social interactions, diversions, or recreational activities — all that’s left is to think about yourself and anticipate when your next seizure will come.

Casinos:The flashing lights and all the noise and hubbub at a casino — ringing bells, blaring music, — is enough to give anyone a headache, no less a seizure.

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