Epilepsy Symptoms In Adults That You Should Never Ignore:

The only Epilepsy Symptoms In Adults is the recurrence of seizures, but not all epileptic seizures are the same. Some seizures cause obvious physical movements or loss of consciousness, but in other cases a seizure might not be visible to a bystander — not even a health professional. Some people with undiagnosed epilepsy may not even realize that the strange sensations or emotions they’re experiencing are due to a seizure.Epileptic seizures can vary by the type of epilepsy causing them. Partial epilepsy (also known as focal epilepsy) causes local seizures that originate in a very specific part of the brain (the focus of the seizure), but these seizures can spread across the brain to become generalized seizures.

Epilepsy Symptoms In Adults

Focal epilepsy causes two types of seizures:

  • Simple partial seizures do not cause loss of consciousness. The individual having the seizure may experience flashes of light or a buzzing noise, and outward symptoms may be limited to jerky motions in the face or hands.
  • Complex partial seizures (also called psychomotor attacks) often begin with the individual experiencing an “aura.”
  • The aura varies and may be experienced as a smell, a feeling of anxiety, an odd sensation in the stomach, or other perceptions that are not outwardly visible to anyone else. The aura may be followed by a change in consciousness — not necessarily a collapse into unconsciousness but a brief period of “blankness” in which others will notice lack of responsiveness or inability to speak.
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