What Is Gastric Stomach Cancer?

It’s when healthy cells in your stomach change and start to move up out of power. It tends to slowly obtain bad over several years. It can start in any part of your Gastric stomach Cancer and can spread to other area of your body, with your liver, lungs, and bones.


This is the most common types of Gastric stomach Cancer, making up as a lot of as 95% of all cases. It starts in the tissues of your stomach lining, in the cells that create the mucus and other fluids.

Other Types

Less common types of Gastric stomach Cancer include ones that start in the cells of your digestive tract — carcinoid tumors and gastric sarcoma — and lymphomas, which are related to part of your immune system called lymph nodes.

Who Gets Gastric Cancer?

Around 28,000 people get it each year in the U.S.A — about 60% of people diagnosed with it are over 65. Men are more like to get it than women. It was the leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. until the 1930s, but now it’s the 14th most common type of Gastric stomach Cancer. Researchers think it may have become less common after refrigerators made it easier to store fruits and vegetables, and people start eating fewer salted and smoked foods.

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