Menopause is a natural period in the life of every woman. During this period the reproductive and menstrual functions die out. The onset of this stage for every woman is very individual, on average it starts after 45 years. However, the anxious thoughts about menopause symptoms start to visit women long before the first menopause signs appear.Here’s what happens to the female body with the onset symptoms of menopause.

1.You become more emotional: Hormonal changes cause non-ordinary reactions menopause symptoms. You can suddenly burst into tears when watching a usual TV show.

2. You crave for chocolate … all chocolate in the world: You always think about chocolate. Even when you are full, and ate sufficient of it, the desire to eat one more piece does not disappear.

3. You start gaining weight :Maybe it’s the result of the fact that you’ve just eaten twenty chocolate bars, or maybe your metabolism simply slow down. In any case, you start gaining weight too fast During menopause symptoms .

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4. Menopause Symptoms Mood swings: It’s either you fall into depression during menopause symptoms, or suddenly you start to shout and flare up on trifles. This condition is similar to the one which occurs in the human body during teenage years.

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