You Can Do for Someone Help With Arthritis Pain:

Help With Arthritis Pain the flare-ups, joint stiffness and constant aches that accompany rheumatoid arthritis can be hard on the person who lives with the autoimmune disease — as well their loved ones. If you’re caring for someone in chronic pain, it can feel like your best isn’t enough. But you don’t have to feel defeated. Check out these four tactics that can help you better respond to your loved one’s condition:

4 Things You Can Do for Someone Help With Arthritis Pain:

1) Consider sharing the caregiver responsibilities: According to an American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) survey, the average caregiver is a woman in her late 40s with a job (outside the house) who cares for an aging parent, as well as her own nuclear family. Even if this description doesn’t match you exactly, that’s still a lot on one person’s plate!
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