Bipolar Disorder Depression:

Bipolar IN Order has been an incredibly interesting journey. With each new year come new insights that build upon breakthroughs from previous years. Although it feels like each breakthrough is the furthest that we could possibly go, the next year always proves that there is more to learn about Bipolar Disorder Depression and mania. And this year is no exception to the rule.My breakthrough this year is that even in my deepest Bipolar Disorder Depression I can be just as productive as in any other state.One of the aspects of the Bipolar IN Order program is that we can find value in every moment of our lives. While that value is relatively easy to see when we are at states that are inside of our comfort zone, it is often very difficult to see any value in the more intense states.

This is especially true when the intensity of the states are way outside of what is comfortable for us. But as we expand our comfort zone and learn to function in the more intense states, we learn to find value even in such intense states.Many students of the Bipolar IN Order online education program have expanded their comfort zone range to the point where, no matter what state they find themselves in, they are confident in their ability to function while the state is happening. I have long argued that we need to contrast the difference between the value of the insight found in Bipolar Disorder Depression and the things we can accomplish in hypomania.While low levels of mania do enable us to get more things done, the advantages in Bipolar Disorder Depression include that we gain tremendous insight from it even when we are not very productive at getting things done.

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