We all know people who have had someone in their household that is seriously ill. Their world is turned upside down. It affects everyone.

Without treatment HIV destroys lives. Sick parents can’t work. Poor families get poorer. Children go hungry. Children are orphaned. Children are rejected. No money, no education; No education, no job; No job, no way of providing for your family without resorting to desperate measures. Desperate measures spread HIV. HIV spreads, HIV destroys more lives.

The GOOD NEWS is that HIV is treatable and treatment is free! The BAD news is that the poorest and most vulnerable can’t benefit from that, for all sorts of reasons.

Our Chance for Change Campaign is about giving those people the ability to take control of their circumstances! It’s about giving women a voice; it’s about giving men the information and the motivation they need to find out about their HIV status and get the treatment that will enable them to live healthy, productive lives; It’s about building up the children whose hearts have been broken by grief and rejection. It’s about working with those in authority to change laws for the good of the community. It’s about helping everyone work together to see this disease and the devastation it causes stopped, once and for all!



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