Epilepsy is a deep-rooted medical condition of the nervous system. People with epilepsy suffer from seizure when the electrical signals misfire in the brain. The normal electrical activity of the brain is destroyed by the abnormal electrical discharges that lead to a fugitive communication problem between nerve cells. Epilepsy is a type of neurologic disorders. But you should understand having a seizure does not mean that you have epilepsy.

It is a bit difficult to pinpoint what can cause epilepsy. But still there are things that can lead to the development of epilepsy: a bran injury received from a bike accident or car crash, an illness that influenced negatively on the brain development of a foetus developing brain, poisoning or alcohol poisoning, cerebral tumors and incursion.

Epilepsy has various types of seizures, syndromes and causes. There are cases when both cerebral tumors and incursion can become the reason of seizures and as a result chronic epilepsy can appear. Sometimes even mild seizures should be treated as they can do harm during such activities as swimming and driving.

Usually, the treatment of epilepsy involves medications and sometimes surgery if it is required. Due to such treatment, the frequency of seizures may be eliminated as well as reduced. One should understand that the treatment type depends on the following factors, i.e. epilepsy type, patient history, the severity and frequency of the seizure, the age of a patient and overall health. It is very important to diagnose the type of epilepsy in order to choose the best treatment.

Epilepsy is not infectious, it is impossible to catch it from person that has it. But people that have relatives with epilepsy are under a high risk if compare with those that do no have epileptics among family members.



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