Alleviate your difficulties with grooming: Sometimes, trying to look good can be challenging when you have living with multiple sclerosis, especially when you are not feeling well. Living with multiple sclerosis issues like spasticity (involuntary muscle spasms or unusual tightness of muscles), loss of balance, and fatigue can make any task difficult to perform – especially intricate movements needed with daily grooming. Here are some tips to help you look and feel great.

Put your best foot forward in shoes that address balance issues: Tripping over untied shoelaces presents a problem, especially if your balance is challenged to begin with. If lacing shoes is an issue for you, try footware that doesn’t have laces, like slip-ons or clogs, or consider styles with Velcro straps. Also, putting grips on the bottoms of your shoes may help you avoid slips and falls. If your heels are too high and challenging your balance – consider a fashionable flat or talk to a shoe repair person about cutting down the heel height.

Turn down the temperature in the shower: Before stepping into the shower – be sure the water temperature is good for your condition. Experts say a hot shower may temporarily worsen symptoms of MS. It’s important not to let your body overheat and to avoid temperature extremes. Start with warm water and gradually increase coolness. A shower seat and mat may be a good idea to help you counter fatigue, balance issues, and avoid falls.

Accessorize assistive devices to add spark to your look: If you require a cane or wheelchair, try accessorizing it. There are stylish canes these days. A wheelchair can also be wrapped with stickers or special fabrics to add some pizzazz. Be careful the fabric doesn’t get in the way of the device’s function or leave you at risk for tripping. Have your wheelchair checked for a proper fit to ensure your best posture. Sitting tall is a great way to look your best.

It’s OK to put your elbows on the table: Ignore that old etiquette rule! Placing elbows on the table supports your arms and helps give you some control over your hands during your meal. Consider using adaptive utensils that have bigger grips to help with eating. As for beverages, use a glass with larger handles or a wide glass to help avoid spills.

Makeup made easier: Applying makeup requires good eye-hand coordination, which often living with multiple sclerosis. Use a magnifying mirror to help during your beauty regimen. Sitting while doing your makeup can help counter fatigue. Support your elbows while applying makeup to help give you more control over your hands. Look for easy-to-glide-on eye shadows and liners for less stressful makeup application.Source


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