multiple sclerosis treatment

Tracy is a multiple sclerosis treatment. At 52 years old, she made the unconventional choice to ease her MS with marijuana.Fortunately, marijuana and MS is giving hope to patients all over the world. Here’s how marijuana eases the pain and burden of Multiple Sclerosis.

How Marijuana Eases MS Symptoms

It Protects Your Brain

Multiple Sclerosis sufferers face one major villain: inflammation. MS symptoms start when something disrupts communication between immune cells in your brain. Your spine and optic nerve can also be affected. The result is painful swelling that damages nerve cells over time, as symptoms worsen.Marijuana is neuroprotective. As a powerful antioxidant, and it helps eliminate toxic compounds that destroy brain cells

It Eases Pain

Marijuana eases the pain of multiple sclerosis treatment

Inflammation is an immune response. It is also one of the most common sources of pain. As tissues in your body begin to swell up and become irritated, they deteriorate. The breakdown of these tissues is painful.As your immune system calms down, inflammation subsides. Without inflammation, pain signals from the distressed tissue stop. This gives fatigued MS patients some much needed time to relax, pain-free.

5 minutes after smoking?  No difference.

45 minutes after smoking? Participants that smoked medium to high levels of weed showed significant reduction in pain levels.

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