As the female body transitions into menopause, weight gain is very common. Fortunately, with the right lifestyle and diet, it’s easy to maintain or even lose weight during menopause. The Ketogenic diet, a diet rich in proteins and healthy fats, with very few carbs and sugars, is the perfect diet for women looking to take control of their weight.

Reduces or eliminates your sugar intake

In menopause for avoid food, there is no worse opponent than cupcakes, sweets, and advanced sugars. If you’re grave about losing weight while you’re in menopause, these are the first things that have to go.It’s understandable that craving for sugar do arise from time to time. When some sugar is really needed, reach for fresh or dried berries to satisfy your sweet tooth. Berries are normally the lowest in carbs compared to other fruits, and can still be eaten in moderation for a healthy, sweet snack.

Sugar is one of the main foods that’s cut out in keto diets, so when you’re doing a ketogenic diet, you shouldn’t be eating much sugar anyway.While in ketosis, be mindful to choose the right portion size when snacking on anything sweet. While in ketosis, your body is  use the fat for fuel instead of sugars, so reintroducing sugar back into your diet can knock you out of ketosis pretty simply.

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