SYMPTOM 1: HOT FLASHES:This is the most frequent symptom a women experiences. What causes a hot flash is unknown, but is speculated to be related to vascular instability, stress, spicy foods, caffeine, or alcohol. During a hot flash, a woman feels a sensation of intense heat which can lead to a sweating and a flushed face.Menopause Symptoms hot flashes vary among women. Their frequency, duration, and severity are not the same from one woman to the next.

HOW CAN I MANAGE HOT FLASHES? Most women are able to manage hot flashes through hormone replacement therapy. However, women who have had hormone positive breast cancer are recommended not to take hormone replacement therapy. Instead, they can take nonhormonal medications to help diminish the intensity and frequency. Vitamins B6 and E have shown to be beneficial in helping with menopause symptoms hot flashes.

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