Multiple Sclerosis Complications

It’s important to avoid health problems that could complicate your MS. For instance, getting an infection can result in worsened Multiple Sclerosis Complications symptoms. is not the cause of every symptom you experience as a patient. Good primary care is essential to your overall well being. Screening tests and routine medical care should be an integral part of care.

You should have our eyes examined regularly to check for vision problems. These exams can help find glaucoma and other problems that may or may not be related to MS. All patients over 50 should be screened for colon cancer. Recent research suggests that Multiple Sclerosis Complications patients are overall less likely to be diagnosed with cancer compared to the general population. The same research also noted that some Multiple Sclerosis Complications patients evidently neglect routine cancer screenings.

Multiple Sclerosis complications are different from MS symptoms. Symptoms can include fatigue, numbness, tingling, trouble walking, visual problems, spasticity, changes in bladder or bowel function, and trouble with memory and concentration. Multiple sclerosis complications are the problems that result from MS symptoms. For example, one of your MS symptoms may be trouble emptying your bladder completely. This could put you at risk for developing an multiple sclerosis complications like urinary tract infection.

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