Myths And Truths About Epilepsy Everyone Need To Read This:

Epilepsy affects more than 50 million people worldwide, yet most of us have only a hazy idea of what it is and how sufferers are affected. Read on to find out the truths about epilepsy.Many people with epilepsy would agree with Jim that the stigma is a problem. It isn’t uncommon for Epilepsy Toronto to hear from someone who had a seizure in the workplace and is subsequently experiencing tension with colleagues or being treated differently by their boss, or a parent who is heartbroken because their once popular, happy child is now ignored and treated as an outcast after having a seizure in the lunchroom.7 Myths And Truths About Epilepsy are given below:

There are, however, positive stories to tell as well, stories of people who had a seizure at church or at work and had bystanders rally around offering a helping hand, or others who approached the person after the seizure to learn more and find out what they can do to help more the next time. Thankfully, fear isn’t always the first reaction.

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