Lately, it seems that every other person suffers from some one type of pain syndrome or another. And if you are one of them, then you known that it is not only physically painful, but emotionally agonizing as well.

This combination of physical and emotional distress can have a devastating effect on your quality of life and can lead to untamed cycles. Of course, there is no shortage of pharmaceutical drugs to ease all of your symptoms; and sadly to also mask the symptoms you haven’t yet experience–the side effects from the drugs themselves.

So, let’s first explore how a health “condition” gets labeled as a syndrome and/or a disease.

A syndrome is generally defined as a health condition with more than one symptom that has not yet been classified as a “disease.” In other words, the basis of a syndrome is that there are a group of symptoms that occur together but are not directly measured and/or considered tangible by medical science. This is known as subjective (or anecdotal) pain, because the pain is reported by the patient, but cannot be confirmed to “really” exist per medical science.

“My back hurts”, “I have a headache”, “It feels like bugs are crawling under my skin.”  These are all subjective and usually not measurable. But, if you are experiencing more than one of these “symptoms”, then a syndrome is born.

Diseases, on the other hand, are symptoms that can be corroborated by medical science, and thus are no longer considered subjective; but rather objective. So a disease has “sound scientific backing”.

In the case of a syndrome, although the symptoms are painfully “real” to the individual experiencing them, they are not necessarily viewed as a “real” physical condition per the definition of Evidence Based Medicine. In the past, many of these pain syndromes where labeled as conditions that were “all in your head,” and doctors would routinely suggest that the patient seek psychiatric help.

Today, patients are not typically referred out for psychiatric care, but they are instead given pharmaceuticals that have a direct influence on the individual’s emotional state. This suggests that medical science still believes these conditions to be manifested in the mind, as opposed to an actual physical condition.

Medical Doctors Are OVER Medicating

Anti-depressants and/or anti-anxiety medications are two of the most common prescribed drugs in the United States with over 250,000,000 prescriptions written each year. And this number is growing!

And many of these prescriptions for depression and anxiety are a part of the pain syndrome treatment protocol.

But people with these pain syndromes also need something for the pain, right?

A drug gaining popularity in recent days in the treatment of chronic pain syndromes is Methadone. Methadone has been reported to be upwards of 20 times stronger than both Vicodin or Percocet, which also makes Methadone a far more dangerous drug.

Prescriptions for painkillers are at an all time high along with, and not surprisingly, deaths due to overdose from those prescription painkillers! 

Tizanidine (zanaflex) is another commonly prescribed drug for nerve pain. One of its more dangerous side-effects is liver toxicity, along with the potential for dangerous interactions with other drugs.

And to top it all off, people suffering from pain syndromes are probably not sleeping well at night due to the… PAIN! Report this symptom to your medical doctor, and you would be surprised at how quickly you have added yet another drug to your “treatment” arsenal!

By far, prescription sleep medications are the most prescribed medication in the USA!

Sadly, the statistics now show that nearly half of all Americans take at least one prescription drug, and nearly 40% take at least two! And to top it all off, the most common advice medical doctors offer these patients is to simply learn to live with their respective syndrome(s) and learn to manage the pain (with drugs). Often they are advising against holistic approaches and nutritional treatments, and the patient is left feeling that there is little hope for relief. How bleak and sad for the person who is suffering.

Perhaps instead of advising patients to “accept” their syndrome and encouraging them to “manage” the symptoms with drugs, we should be asking:

Why are these people suffering in the first place? And what are the cause(s) of these syndromes and diseases?

When you look at all the chemicals we are exposed to everyday in our food, air, and water, it is no wonder that we are experiencing adverse impacts to our health.

Can we really live in a polluted environment without it affecting our nutritional status?

It is well documented that alcohol depletes the body of B vitamins and vitamin C. And what about all of the preservatives, chemicals and genetically modified foods we now consume? Do they deplete the body as well?

Course they do!

And this is why I firmly believe that all syndromes and disease start from nutritional deficiencies. And I’m going to prove it!

Take for example pain syndromes such as:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Myofascial pain syndrome (chronic myofascial pain)
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Restless leg syndrome

All of these have strong studies linking them to nutritional deficiencies. And there are three nutrients that are deficiency stand-outs”: magnesium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12.  In the United States, deficiency of these nutrients has become an epidemic!

Interestingly, conventional medicine has created controversies surrounding all three of these nutrients (as well as others) resulting in:

  • A public fear of nutrition
  • Nutritional guidelines that are useless, such as Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA). 
  • Individuals habitually feeding

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Chronic fatigue syndrome gained popularity in the 1980’s, and even then magnesium was named as a major player. A study in the Lancet, 1991 found the following:

    “Red cells returned to normal in all patients on magnesium but in only 1 patient on placebo. The findings show that magnesium may have a role in CFS.”

    And even with studies like this one linking CFS with magnesium deficiency, the medical profession still chooses to ignore the research in lieu of pharmaceuticals.

    People are in pain, real pain and too many lives are being ruined by the pain syndrome, or ruined by the prescribed drugs themselves!

    When will this stop? When will we wake-up and acknowledge that everything in our world is severely polluted (in the name of profit), and causing all of these deficiencies?

    When will real nutrition be considered the first and only solution, especially since this is what the research continues to prove?

    Is there a reason why conventional medicine wants us on so many drugs? Is it more than just profits?

    People do cure themselves from pain syndromes, such as myofascial pain and restless leg syndrome, to diseases such as multiple sclerosis (as I did!) and cancer!

    We are ALL living proof that cures are found through nutrition, not via a chemical drug! Source