Imagine the day when Migraine gets the same kind of respect as Multiple Sclerosis , Diabetes or Autism.  It’s NOT just a headache.  Yet migraine has a serious brand issue. Perception doesn’t meet reality.  A new migraine awareness campaign could attach that. Too many people still think migraines are bad headache for relief that stressed out women gain at that time of the month. Those of us who suffer from migraines can show that it’s a multi-symptom, genetic neurological disease that touch men, women and children.

New Migraine Awareness Campaign Planned in 2017

This is not the first try to build migraine awareness.  Every year, the US, UK and Australia sponsor a migraine awareness month, leveraging social campaigns fueled by patient advocates to obtain the word out.  In 2013, the American Migraine substructure launched The 36 Million Migraine campaign with Cindy McCain that attracted interest initially with an appearance on the Today display.  Yet it never gained the kind of traction that migraine supporter, sufferers and doctors had hoped.Why?  As with any campaign, success need that the channel, the message and the messenger all work jointly in a relevant, compelling way.  Campaign budgets and timing are also analytic success factors. Underfunded marketing campaigns normally can’t crack through the clutter.At this year’s American Headache Society meeting, Dr. David Dodick presented the beginning plans for a major new 2017 Migraine Awareness Campaign that the AMF is betting will break through in a huge way.   It’s focus:  “to education and inform, and then raise empathy and action.”One of the top migraine researchers in the globe, Dodick is usual credited with attracting top doctors to make migraine their specialty.  That’s necessary to better our access to the top headache care.  And sooner or later, finding a heal.

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