New Multiple Sclerosis Drug For Severe Generates Glimmer Of Hope:

There is finally some progress in the hunt for a treatment for the most difficult form of multiple sclerosis — the form that has stubbornly resisted every attempt to find a therapy.The catch, experts say, is that people with this form of the disease should keep their expectations low, because even the new Multiple Sclerosis drug that’s now in the last stages of development doesn’t appear to have a big clinical impact.

On Friday, the company behind ocrelizumab, the Roche subsidiary Genentech, will release new Phase 3 trial data at a conference of the Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis, which is being held in New Orleans.Genentech has already published a first round of the results, which showed some impact on a wide range of measures for people with primary progressive MS.

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