PCOS and Thyroid Health Everyone Wants To Know:

I read an article entitled Thyroid and Fertility by a Naturopathic Doctor based in Toronto Canada named Dr. Fiona McCulloch and I was intrigued. I discovered that Fiona has PCOS herself and that she commonly works with women who have PCOS and suboptimal thyroid hormone levels. I knew she would be the perfect person to invite to write a guest post about this important connection between PCOS and thyroid health.

PCOS and Thyroid,Insulin Resistance:First and foremost, it is known that insulin resistance is a major component of PCOS, and 50-70% of those suffering from it have high insulin levels or impaired blood sugar regulation. It’s important to note that insulin resistance develops many years before diabetes, so the most common tests for diabetes don’t often pick it up.

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