Surprising PCOS Symptoms Every Woman Need To Overlook

1. Your cycle is all over the place. Unpredictable menstrual cycles or skipping several periods are one of the hallmarks of pcos. Our menstrual cycle is like a vital sign. It tells us if our metabolism is in a good state; if you’re too thin, overweight, or stressed, that can throw your cycles off. Having irregular periods or more likely, skipping multiple periods could be a sign of a hormonal imbalance like PCOS Symptoms menstrual irregularities like these should raise a red flag and warrant a doctor’s attention.

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PCOS Hair Growth

PCOS Pregnancy Risk

2. You’re growing hair in unexpected places. With PCOS Symptoms, the ovaries produce excessive amounts of a type of hormones called androgens, which stimulate hair growth. We’re not talking about the hairs on your head. “You’ll get hair growth in funny places—around the nipples, on your chest, the inside of your thighs, and your belly,” “Places were women don’t typically have a lot of hair growth .

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