Living with schizophrenia diagnosis is bad enough without the smattering of stigmatising sayings from others that accompany it.When I hear one of these I usually start to wonder who is the more deluded: me or you?Here’s 14 things not to say to someone with schizophrenia diagnosis.

1. How many personalities have you got? It’s a common myth that schizophrenia means you have a split personality, and an offensive one at that.

2. Have you ever been arrested? Contrary to lurid tabloid headlines, not all schizophrenics are axe-wielding maniacs.Most are more a danger to themselves than others.

3. Are you a bunny-boiler or a crazed animal in bed? This doesn’t even warrant a response!

4. You’re so brave/inspirational: Being ill doesn’t really make me either, you patronising buffoon!

5. This is like soooo schizophrenic: Using my diagnosis as a verb just trivialises a disabling, life-long illness. Please stop.

6. Ha ha ha: It may sound ludicrously obvious but on occasion people have laughed in my face when I tell them I have schizophrenia.News flash: the bad joke is you!

7. I don’t really think mental illness exists:Some people still find it hard to believe mental illness is even real.This kind of attitude usually leaves me feeling invisible. It’s very real for me.

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