Here are some extremely potent psoriasis treatments and home remedies that are guaranteed to get rid of this shocking skin condition… forever!

Psoriasis is an auto-immune disorder, which basically means the body’s immune system mistakes its own cells as a pathogen (foreign invader) and attacks them.

Our body’s skin normally takes about 30 days to shed and be replaced by new skin. (This cycle is ongoing and never stops). The problem for psoriasis suffers is this shedding cycle only takes about 4 days instead of 30, so you get a quick build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. The only positive is this fast-paced skin cell proliferation usually only occurs in patches over the body, so you don’t end up with a complete covering. The worst affected areas are normally the scalp, knees, elbows, knuckles and lower back.

It’s no secret that psoriasis is one extremely uncomfortable, and even somewhat embarrassing condition, mainly because of how it looks and the incredible itchiness it causes.

In fact, it is not uncommon for sufferers to scratch their skin until it bleeds!

Of course, psoriasis also makes you very self-conscious, which is understandable. Most psoriasis sufferers completely cover themselves up, even during the summer months, and many severe sufferers are even reluctant to leave their own homes and go out. It really can be a living nightmare for many people, and if this is you then I have to say… you’ve definitely come to the right place for help!

What are Your Medical Options for Treating Psoriasis?

The standard medical treatments for psoriasis include powerful steroid creams and cortisone injections. Both of these come with terrible side effects and actually do very little to improve the problem. If you’re really game though you could always try taking Merk’s new pharmaceutical “wonder drug” for psoriasis called Raptiva. However, the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) recently pulled it from the market after 3 patients suffered severe brain infections (two of them died) so we certainly wouldn’t recommend that one!

Let’s Cut to the Chase About Psoriasis Treatments Shall We?

If you do suffer from psoriasis then you will probably already know what the symptoms are and very likely have a good idea of what orthodox medical treatments are available, so we won’t bother to go into these any more. What we will do instead is get straight into giving you some powerful natural cures and home remedies for psoriasis that really work!

Top 9 Natural Cures and Home Remedies for Psoriasis…

There are several different forms of psoriasis but the natural cures and home remedies for each of them are basically the same. The secret to curing psoriasis for good is to take a holistic approach, which means a combination of internal and external treatments.

Searching books and the internet, I’m really amazed at the distinct lack of good and usable information that’s available on psoriasis treatments and remedies. Especially, as your about to discover, this condition is actually very easy to cure!

You Must Rectify and Fix all Nutritional Deficiencies!

The simple reality is we now have a very powerful and silent killer happening right around the world today. It’s called the nutritional deficiency dilemma!

Our food crops are almost totally void of the very nutrients that give and sustain life for all of us. Combine this with the sharp rise in genetically modified foods (GMO’s) now being produced, and the results are truly catastrophic for our overall health and well being. The sad truth is we can no longer rely on any of our foods to give us what we need.

You see, our bodies need 90 nutrients every day to cleanse, repair and regenerate themselves (including our skin). Without these nutrients we slowly wither and die the same as any plant that doesn’t receive water or fertilizer does. And one of the rarely talked about causes of auto-immune diseases (including psoriasis) is actually nutritional deficiencies!



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