Strange These are 7 things they don’t tell you about living with PCOS.

“You have PCOS,” she said unemotionally as she scribbled words on her notepad:It wasn’t exactly a surprise. My older sister was diagnosed a few years before too, and we’d both experienced the same symptoms leading up to the diagnosis. Still, it wasn’t a thrilling thing to be told. As many as 5 million women in the United States could be affected, and many cases are undiagnosed.

PCOS Sign And Symptoms

PCOS Natural Treatment

PCOS Treatment for Infertility 

Alternative PCOS Fertility Treatment

Living With PCOS can cause irregular periods, infertility issues, and drastic changes in appearance, including acne, facial hair, and weight gain.

1. My weight doesn’t define me:Weight dominates women’s magazines. And every day, we’re given information about weighing too much or too little and which bodies are real and which aren’t.

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