What Ulcerative Colitis Surgery Involves

A surgeon normally removes your colon (also called your large intestine) and rectum. Next he’ll attach the lowest part of your small intestine to a hole he makes in your torso to let waste leave your body and empty into an outer container. Another procedure creates an internal waste pouch that allows stool to be passed through the anus.

When Is Ulcerative Colitis Surgery Needed?

Your doctor may advise Ulcerative Colitis Surgery if you can’t manage inflammation and ulcers (right) with medication for Ulcerative Colitis  or other treatments. You may also want an operation if you get emergency complications of ulcerative colitis such as severe bleeding or tears in the colon. Some people choose to have surgery if their symptoms change their ability to work and stay active.

Surgery to Cure UC, Cut Colon Cancer Risk

The only way to cure for ulcerative colitis is to get surgery to remove the diseased colon and rectum. You may also choose an operation if you want to cut your risk of colon cancer. Your chances of receiving colon cancer go up if you have ulcerative colitis for 8 years or more or have a lot of colon injure. Your doctor may also suggest Ulcerative Colitis Surgery if he finds abnormal increase (shown in yellow in the image) during a checkup.

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